Congrats to the winner of the 2016 Photo Contest

I moved from rural Illinois to New York a few years ago and quickly realized that I missed being in nature. I started to photograph nature regularly wherever I could find it in the city. Once I began to observe my environment carefully, I was amazed at the diversity of wildlife that our urban area supports. This photo is from the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, which I like to think of as my back yard. It is a refuge for both me and many animals, like this great blue heron. I have watched the heron there for long stretches, learning its behaviors. The photo is simultaneously serene and full of motion, and it captures both the peace and excitement to be found in nature.


The Runner-up goes to

Pictured is an elder tree escaping a paved pathway, burgeoning forth at its imposed border, by turgor pressure. Taken on a late March evening on a frosty night, refraction around lamps provide crystalline halos, and from ice patches on the ground and roots, foster not lens flare but both crisp glows almost palpably crunchy and cmos burn, pronouncing and imposing an unassailable nature. turgor, light and frost, assert themselves in spite of the encroachment of urban intention and digital savvy. It was a quiet moment, we were the only humans around and the tree continued its calm slow existence, in frosty slumber, poised yet persistent.


Thank you to everyone who participated in our first photo contest! Below are all of our finalists and their entries.

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