Monitoring Horseshoe Crab Breeding with the New York Audubon

On Sunday May 31, 2015, members of The Metropolitan Society of Natural Historians ventured out to Big Egg Marsh in the Jamaica Bay area. There we met Ann Seligman of the New York City Audubon who took us out to the beach in search of horseshoe crabs. As we approached the water, we could already see numerous horseshoe crabs crawling about the edge of the water with the males frantically searching for females to mate with. Before beginning our sampling, Ann gave us a quick pacing and sampling tutorial as well as some facts and handling tips. A couple of members established their transect line and pacing, grabbed their quadrats and began as others recorded data. As we made our way down the beach, we recovered a number of horseshoe crabs that were tagged and our very own Vice President, Michelle Locke rescued a couple of horseshoe crabs tangled in the some local fishermen’s lines. Towards the end, the beach was teeming with horseshoe crabs and members of the society had the chance to tag many of them.

To view photos (taken by Maurice Chen and Shifaan Thowfeequ) from this event, visit here.