Photography Workshop with Glenn Doherty

On Sunday, April 12, a small but eager group of eight photo enthusiasts attended the Photography Workshop. Led by Glenn Doherty, those in attendance spent a good deal of time in Prospect Park going over photography basics and asking questions about how to improve their own photography. Topics like framing, exposure, lighting and focus were reviewed before everyone was free to take their own images and report back to the group. By keeping the group in a tight area of the park, many found themselves taking pictures of the same items – which proved useful in helping others understand how many different ways there are to present even just one object or scene. The small group meant that attention could be given to individuals to help master their own cameras and equipment for future photography. Those who attended were more competitive for our 2015 Photography Contest. If you are interested in participating in the contest but were unable to attend the workshop check out some helpful tips here.