Secrets of the Deep

On Sunday, November 16, Dr. John Denton and Richard Gilder PhD student, Allison Bronson led members of the Metropolitan Society of Natural Historians on a 2 hour tour of the American Museum of Natural History’s Milstein Hall of Ocean and the Hall of Vertebrate Origins. We were taken on a journey through time and space as we were given glimpses of alien worlds, both current and ancient, and ranging from shallow reef systems to as deep as the Abyssopelagic Zone. Dr. Denton and Allison surrounded us with models of strange and fascinating organisms of both miniscule and gigantic proportions. We stood agape with shock and wonder as we listened to our expert guides describe the behaviors of some of the stranger ones, such as the slime-producing hagfish and the arctic Notothenioids with their freeze-resistant blood. They described to us the various environmental oddities of the oceans; most notable was the mention of arctic brinicles, deadly ice stalactites that freeze everything in their paths. Having been inspired by the tour, many members of the society departed at its conclusion to explore the other wonders of the museum.


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