Stokes State Forest Camping Trip

On Saturday, September 13th, members of the MSNH traveled to Stokes State Forest Park in northern New Jersey. We arrived at the campgrounds early in the morning and managed to set up our tents just before the rainclouds rolled in. We then went on a wet but fun hike through the hemlock groves of the Tinsley and Swenson trails. To the delight of many of the herpetologists in our group, the ground was crawling with red efts (the land-dwelling juvenile stage of eastern newts, Notophthalmus viridecense) and many of our naturalists gleefully bounded between logs and boulders uncovering other amphibians including a number of red back salamanders (Plethodon cinereus).

After returning back to base, we spent the rest of the night gathered around a warm campfire, creatively cooking various meals, and enjoying our peaceful retreat from the bustling city activity.

The following morning, members of the society split into two groups; one group remained back near the lake to see what other wildlife they could find while the other group ventured out to Sunrise Mountain, where we hiked up to the peak along the Appalachian Trail. There we had a close encounter with a small herd of doe. Afterwards, we all gathered back at the campgrounds and prepared for our trip back to the city.

A special thank you to Maurice Chen, Rachel Montesinos, Glenn Doherty, Andre Luiz de Carvalho and Ivan Pirates for some great photos. Please visit our gallery section for pictures from this event.