Canoeing the Delaware Water Gap

Braving fierce headwinds and threats of thunderstorms, on the 20th of July 13 members of our illustrious society did successfully paddle through the wilds of the Delaware Water Gap in Pennsylvania. Although the wind was strong enough to push the canoes against the current, we managed to fight our way down river between beautiful hills and awesome geological formations and amongst stunning biodiversity.

Canoeing the Delaware Water Gap 1.jpg

A little blue heron (Egretta caerulea) spotting provided an excellent start of the day, a day soon to be filled with sightings of hawks, vultures, yellow jackets, Aphaenogaster ants, tree cricket nymphs, minnows, bluegill, and more trees than you could shake a stick at (though it might be mean to shake a tree’s dead arm at it). Perhaps the most amusing sighting was the lone domestic goose swimming with a flock of Canada geese, bringing to mind the proverbial ugly duckling. The water was clear and cool, and the splashes and dives of MSNHers joined those of fish and fowl as we reveled in our escape from the New York heat. A quick rain in the afternoon brought additional cooling, and we finished more tired than expected (on account of the headwind), but happy and serine nevertheless.

A special thanks to Glenn for helping us with transportation out to PA, and our excellent driver Greg for getting us from the takeout back to our cars in one piece.

See our gallery page for more photos.

Yours aqueously,

Sean McKenzie