Horseshoe Crab Survey

Monday night’s trip was a great success! Six natural historians left Manhattan at 8 p.m. to make the trek to the wilds of southern New Jersey. The warm, calm evening just two days after the full moon provided optimal conditions for the horseshoe crabs and they were out in droves. We counted the number of male and female crabs in 100, 1 meter quadrats along Kimbles Beach.  Our total count was an astonishing 580.

After two hours with the horseshoe crabs we loaded back into the van and drove back to Manhattan, arriving at 3:30 a.m. to a much quieter city than we left the previous evening. Many thanks to Benjie Swan, who coordinated and trained us on this citizen science expedition. Also, thanks to all who attended the event, it was great fun!

Visit our gallery page to see more pictures by Andre Luiz de Carvalho from this event.


Jessi Allen