Saturday, September 15: Microscopic Life in NYC Waters with Dr. Sally Warring

Please join us for our next event, Microscopic Life in NYC waters with Dr. Sally Warring on Saturday, September 15 at 2 PM

For this guided tour, we will be going to Central Park and visiting several ponds where we will scoop water up, put it under portable microscopes and observe the amazing microscopic life in the park waters. During the tour, Dr. Warring, a microbiologist from the American Museum of Natural History, will discuss microscopic organisms inhabiting waters in the city parks, touching on their diversity, evolution and ecology and also discussing her own research with them.

This tour is FREE! However, in order to make the event enjoyable for everyone, we are limiting the size of the group. To attend this event, you MUST send an email to Once your registration is confirmed, details on where and when to meet will be emailed to you. Facebook and Meetup "attendance" will not be considered as registration. 


Dr. Sally Warring is a biologist and a science communicator based in New York City. Sally has a B.Sc. with Honors in botany from the University of Melbourne in Australia (although she's from New Zealand), and a Ph.D. in genomics and molecular biology from New York University. She's currently a postdoctoral research scholar at the American Museum of Natural History in New York where she studies microscopic organisms. She operates Pondlife, a educational website for understanding the diversity of microscopic organisms.

NB: A photographer will be taking photos of this event for our website. If you attend this event and do not wish to have your photo posted to our website, PLEASE let us know in your reservation and we will accommodate.

NB: By attending this event, you agree that The Metropolitan Society of Natural Historians, Inc., its officers, its event organizers and leaders are in no way responsible for any injuries or property damage that occur during this event or travel to and from the event location.