Saturday, January 26 @ 1 PM

Dinosaur Hall Tour with AMNH paleontologist James Napoli

Please join us for our first event of 2019, Dinosaur Hall Tour with paleontologist James Napoli on Saturday, January 26 at 1 PM at the American Museum of Natural History (AMNH). Come and learn about the evolution of dinosaurs, and the hypotheses concerning their end and their evolution into the birds around us today from AMNH paleontologist and Richard Gilder Graduate Student, James Napoli. Discover and see the differences between the two major groups of dinosaurs: ornithischians and saurischians and listen to James describe his own research on dinosaurs. We will also check out the AMNH's impressive Titanosaur, a 120 ft long dinosaur from Argentina.

This tour is FREE! However, we have a limited number of complimentary entry tickets to AMNH available. 

In order to obtain a complimentary AMNH entry ticket for this event, you MUST send an email tometropolitannaturalhistory@gmail.com. 

Once your registration is confirmed, details on where and when to meet will be emailed to you.

James Napoli is a Ph.D. student at the Richard Gilder Graduate School of the American Museum of Natural History. He grew up in Setauket, New York, and spent his formative years in the halls of the museum where he is now a student. He holds a Bachelor of Science from Brown University in Geology and Biology, and a Master of Science from Stony Brook University in Physiology and Biophysics. His research focuses on the evolutionary biology of vertebrates, especially extinct species like dinosaurs. He is particularly interested in developing new methods to identify species of extinct animals, and in studying the evolutionary importance of individual variation among members of a species.

NB: A photographer will be taking photos of this event for our website. If you attend this event and do not wish to have your photo posted to our website, PLEASE let us know in your reservation and we will accommodate.

NB: By attending this event, you agree that The Metropolitan Society of Natural Historians, Inc., its officers, its event organizers and leaders are in no way responsible for any injuries or property damage that occur during this event or travel to and from the event location.